What is it?

This is a Drupal Module Package (set of modules and themes)* that includes several basic paragraph components and LandingPage examples. 

You can use it as out of box solution for the most simple cases or you can extend and customize this basic solution to get any functionality that you have in Drupal and any design that you can imagine. 


* not a distribution

Visit LandingPage Framework Project Page

Who can use it?

Drupal Shops

Digital/Marketing Agencies

Skilled Drupal Webmasters

Use Cases

1st Use Case

There are several LandingPage Example modules that can be used to set out of box solution. For example, an Event page with Contact Form and Count Down. You can change images and colors directly in admin and get a quick solution in an hour or quicker.

2nd Use Case

On the existing Drupal website you need to create a separate product page that should have uniq design definitely different form the existing one. for each your product or service you can set individual design. You can forgot about Drupal multi-siting or tricky theme switcher modules or rules.

3rd Use Case

You are going to meet your client. The new project requested. Before the meeting you have prepared several LandingPage themes and examples of pages that you can demo to your client and a bit play with LandingPage settings during the demo. That approach can decrees time to get a final decision about site design and start web site development.

Extremely Unlimited Customization Options

3 Levels of Customisation

Admin Area


You can customize text color, background, font size and all other CSS properties.

You can select one of several predefined templates for each paragraph.

You can select one of already exist LandingPage themes.


Custom Theme


You can create your LandingPage theme.

You can use any CSS framework: Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, etc.

Custom Paragraphs


You can set new type of LandingPage paragraph and use any kind of Drupal fields in it.